Whatsapp is bringing this awesome feature..!!! (bet you don’t know)

whatsapp-new-feature-thegadgetinfo1Reports @WABetaInfo – say  that currently Whatsapp is working on this new feature on the messaging options that lets you “UNSEND” messages . Currently we are using
Version 2.17.221, it will be available from 2.17.30+ versions , till now there is no official announcement .

What is UNSEND feature ? How will it help ?

If you have used the Instagram direct message the most of you will know what it is . basically , if you have ever wrongly send a message which you wanted to send to another person and that could make problems , you can just easily recall the message anytime you want by tapping the message , you will get a pop up options and by clicking unsend/recall you can remove the message from chat not only your’s but also the person’s chat to whom  you have sent . However this feature some of you will find it helpful or cool , but few of them will not be happy …

let us know how you feel…
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