MYTHS !!! about daily tech & gadgets you should not believe …..

1. Refresh your Computer,  make it faster.


First when your desktop loads , the first thought comes to your mind is
‘ right-click-refresh……’ multiple times , to some it has become like reflex action.
Refreshing  will reload the video memory of your system but it does not mean that it will make your system faster , but clicking refresh multiple time will slow down your computer for reloading  HDD read write cycle.

2. Using mobile phones for a long time can cause deadly CANCER !!


A study in 2016  by  The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) under National Institutes of Health (NIH) , found that radiofrequency energy unlike ionization does not cause DNA damage . Its only talking for a long time on a mobile phone causes only biological effect is tissue heating , next time use headphones for a long chat .

3. Higher Megapixel = Better Camera Picture Quality


For those who don’t know higher megapixel hardly matters , picture quality / clarity / sharpness depends on image sensor , image processor , lens element and the camera firmware they are providing , if you take an 12 mp     Iphone   or    Samsung S8 or            Google   Pixel  vs 13- 16 mp budget phone and compare side by side you will find the difference. Oh ! of course megapixel helps when you want a large area picture it will not break into pixels if you have high mp camera but if your camera quality is not up to the mark there is no use of having higher megapixel .

4. PRIVATE or INCOGNITO browsing = Anonymous browsing


Incognito or Private browsing mode provided by various browsers like Chrome , Safari  and other browsers does not make you hidden or anonymous in the web world , it just does not record the browsing history , your ISP can still found your visited site via there own logger and if you think that your IP address & location is hidden to the visited sites you are fool!! , if you want to hide IP address & location from web world you have to use  VPN or TOR browser. You can get free VPN extensions from Google Chrome Web Store .

CLICK here to know more about Online Privacy

5. drain your Battery to Zero , before charging


Nickel-Cadmium batteries has a problem if you don’t drain the battery fully it will stop holding electricity . The modern days Lithium-Ion battery doesn’t have this problem in fact if your charge is between 40% -80% it lasts long , also if you discharge them for a long time , it will be damaged.

6. Shut down your computer at NIGHT.


There is a saying that if you want your computer , especially the HDD to last long ,  you should shut it down at night otherwise there may be a data loss. However old day HDDs were delicate and back then it might effect a little , but modern days computer parts  are much more robust , and new  OS comes with hibernate or sleep features making computers nearly 0% power consuming during sleep mode .

 hope you find this helpful
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