few tips for your “Online Privacy”

People like privacy even in web browsing and thats there legal right , through last decade we    have    seen   fooling    of    cyber     privacy      by   non – ethical hackers & Government Intelligence Agency  , we have seen various organisations like Wikileaks , Anonymous and whistleblowers like Julian Assange  & Edward Snowden came up with information blowing our mind .
Nowadays you might have noticed sites showing messages like ” Government is tracking your activity use VPN to avoid ” or showing you location area and your IP and telling   “your personal data is exposed to avoid use VPN ” . Government not always track your internet activity if you are not doing anything illegal . You might have thought while visiting adult websites , or other sites , you should go to Incognito tab provided by various browsers of privacy but that will not make you hidden in web world , its just does not record the browsing history . If you really need privacy here is the few solutions .

Choose VPN ( virtual private network )


VPN makes a fake IP address based on location eg : your original IP- , your location – New Delhi, India  after switching VPN your fake IP – , your fake location – USA . This means you can visit  sites which are blocked/unavailable in your country eg: Vevo , Spotify , few Torrent sites  . Not only that few free  VPN also provides Firewalls prevents  hackers from scanning system vulnerabilities . Paid VPNs also provide strong end to end encryption , malware protections , online activity tracking protections .
I don’t recommend using VPN while using Facebook, E-mail & during online payment transaction ( could hamper transactions ). 

Switch on “Do Not Track”


Sometimes you have seen you visited a website showing ads of something you were looking yesterday like you were checking some T-shirts yesterday on Amazon.com  now when you visit another site you are seeing ads of exact same or similar t-shirts , this happens because sites collects Cache data . To switch “Do Not Track” Go to  settings -show advanced settings – under Privacy – check the “Do Not Track” click Ok  on Chrome, you also find it under settings in Mozilla , Safari .

Clear Cache & Cookies  data.


After – visiting Facebook , signing E-mail account or making a online payment , viewing Po*n (adult) sites , Torrent sites or Phishing websites or third party license sites (malicious website) can be dangerous , to avoid you should always clear Cache & Cookies data after using Facebook ,E-mail , online payment transactions , basically sites contains  your  personal data , bank details etc.

using Tor Browser ( not recommended for everyone )


Using Tor Browser for privacy is ok if you have  knowledge how this works , if anyone is visiting Onion domain  , Tor network is needed as it is  anonymity network lets you access internet anonymously , there is no way your IP is exposed . But it is very slow !!
*I don’t recommend using Tor while using Facebook, E-mail & during online payment transactions  (could hamper transactions ). 

However after using all these techniques there is back logs , we recommend you to use antivirus , avoid spam , and don’t disclose your bank details. 

Let us know how you 
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