RED unveils world’s first Holographic smartphone !!


RED unveils world’s first HOLOGRAPHIC smartphone Hydrogen  One  , it will be coming with Android OS , 5.7 inch display. That display  will be the center of attention as it will feature switch between 2D to 3D/VR/AR/Holographic display , company claims it is a work of Nanotechnology. 

*this picture is just for illustration .

RED proclaims that Hydrogen One will integrate with the RED’s professional  cinema camera family  as UI(user interface) & monitor for  Scarlet, Weapon and Epic cameras, it also states it can convert stereo sound into ‘ multi dimensional audio ‘ , it offers micro SD card slot , USB-C charging .

It will be able to host Moto Mods ( Hasseblad True Zoom , JBL superboost speaker , Insta-share projector , attached Power Bank ) . It will able capture high quality motion picture  and high quality Holographic picture, no concrete details on camera are provided officially by RED.

Price for Aluminum $1195(₹75000 – 80000) and Titanium $1595 (₹110000 approx. )
you can Pre Order now click here .

If this phone can be used as monitor &  UI for RED cinema cameras then its helpful for many videographers as it will serve the purpose for there external display and save their pockets cause RED displays are too costly starting price of a 7 inch display is $1200 , if they can get smartphone which will serve the purpose by spending same amt of money it will be icing on the cake  . 

*information provided by RED is limited so we could not provide in-detailed information. 

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